Two of our students took part in a 'Student Case Study' earlier this Summer. They have both kindly allowed us to share some feedback about their experience with the College so far:

The first student decided to sign up because she wanted to be busy again and get back to studying. Over the past three months she has taken several of our courses on a range of topics and is an engaged member of our community.

When asked what she enjoyed most about the course she said it was the tutors, who were amazing at connecting with students on a personal level. She said they were “completely natural, and understand the experience of mental health.”

 Her favourite part of the course was learning creative strategies like art and writing to help in her recovery journey. She will use these skills outside of the course to cope with her mental health, and says she’s feeling inspired and like she can “get in the flow” now that she has these tools.

The student explained that she was surprised to notice a mood-lifting effect after taking courses with the College. She reported feeling better bit by bit in the days and weeks following her attendance, and came away with increased confidence and a feeling of hope.

The second student spoke about the relaxed and structured environment of the courses at the College, finding it “extremely helpful to be around like-minded people”.

When asked if there was anything on the course that made an impact on her, she described the course, Introduction to Recovery, as “a game-changer for me”. She said that she found the course “incredibly helpful” and that she came away with a different perspective of her diagnosis, “I learnt how to work with my diagnosis and my own mind, rather than against it… I did not feel I had to disguise it and feel ashamed”.

When asked how she intended to use any new skills that she had learnt, the student explained that the Recovery College helped her find something that she could “work towards… finding out for myself what works for me, I came away with a lot of food for thought”.

The student said that she “found it surprising how quickly (the courses) can make you look at things from a different, positive perspective”.

She said that the tutors helped her to feel relaxed on courses, and created a “structured and welcoming environment” where she felt comfortable to talk and share experiences and ideas, “without feeling judged”.

A huge thank you to both of these students who kindly allowed us to share their feedback. If you are a student who would like to be a part of our next Case Study, please don't hesitate to contact us. We welcome and really value all feedback from our students, ensuring that we create an environment where we are all learning together!