Introduction to Personality Disorder

An introductory course considering the different types of Personality Disorders, the treatment options available, and some strategies for managing symptoms. Read more

Introduction to Recovery

This course explores the different approaches to recovery. Read more

Introduction to The Caring Role

Develop your understanding of the caring role, and gain support in undertaking it. Read more

Understanding Depression

Develop your understanding of what Depression may be like, the causes, and some of the options available for support. Read more

Understanding Mental Health

An introductory course, exploring what the term 'mental health' means, and dispelling some of the myths around it. Read more

Understanding Psychosis

Understanding Psychosis Read more

Understanding Self-Harm

Why do people self harm, and what alternative coping strategies might be possible? Explore this with us in a safe and non-judgemental space. Read more

Understanding Stigma

Explore what stigma is, how it may effect us, and what we can do to challenge it safely. Read more