Ruth joined the college in 2016 and has since worked to develop courses on a variety of topics, believing that increasing awareness, understanding and sharing our skill sets benefits everyone. With an HND in Zoology, Ruth is especially interested in the benefits to be gained from activities involving plants, animals and natural spaces. 
Ruth is an EBT Tutor on Wildlife and Wellbeing and an EBE Tutor on a number of courses including Navigating the System, Benefits of Pets, Introduction to Personality Disorders and Tutor Training. She can also be spotted, from time to time, standing in to deliver other courses as well! 

In her spare time Ruth loves taking long walks, gardening, taking pictures of insects and other wildlife, playing computer games, listening to Nine Inch Nails and watching movies. She is currently developing a series of new courses for the college and is always looking into new ideas and the latest research!